Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Turn your junk mail into something beautiful!

Handmade paper. Magic in a blender. The ultimate in recycling. Turn that junk mail into something beautiful!

If you want easy, use a kit like Arnold Grummer's Papermill PRO. Their online shop has a variety of kits to meet every budget. I've owned my PRO kit for over thirteen years. My kids loved making paper when they were younger. It can be a very fun (and educational) activity.

I recently put my kit to use making eleven sheets of handmade paper for a special card making project.

Here's how it's done:

Follow the instructions included with the kit to make paper. Let the sheets dry overnight. Use a press or weigh down with heavy books so the sheets stay flat. (Unless you like "curly" paper, of course.)

Each set of four cards required a 5.5 x 8.5" sheet. Use a grid ruler to measure the horizontal half-point of 8.5 x 11 sheet, draw a line with a water brush. Gently tear along the wet line to preserve a deckle edge.

Continue dividing into smaller panels with the ruler and water brush. Use panels to decorate four cards.

I chose papers inspired by Club Scrap's Transformations collection. Don't you just love that "natural" handmade paper edge?

Cherry Blossoms Greeting stamps

I just love the look and texture of handmade paper! It's a neat way to recycle, and you can customize it to match just about anything. You can even add dried flowers or wild flower seeds for special occasions. Give it a try some time!


  1. I just love making paper! Thanks for the tip on making smaller panels!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous handmade paper panels and all!! WOW fantastic work Karen!

  3. Beautiful papers you made, Karen and gorgeous cards!
    Ans so much fun to see you have your own blog too!!

  4. I SO love that you have a new blog!!!

  5. Gorgeous paper! That was a fun retreat activity/class too!

  6. Four gorgeous cards from one sheet of hmp - thanks for showing how to make the most out of paper you make yourself. These are so lovely, Karen. The soft edges of the leaf and paper look like they're meant for each other <3