Friday, October 20, 2017

What a Ride!

Club Scrap's What a Ride collection is one of the special releases from the 2017 Retreat. Tricia blogged about all three new collections on the Club Scrap blog yesterday.

The colors of this collection are so versatile. The first four pages feature photos from our family trip to Universal Studios Orlando.

What a Ride Layout 1 & 2
I love colors in this spread. Inspired by the wood accent on the first layout (included in the What a Ride collection), I added the wooden word "Awesome" from my stash.

What a Ride Layout 7 & 8
For the remaining four layouts, I used photos of my friend's grandson. The What a Ride Stencil creates a cool car accent on the pages. You can customize the color by changing the ink used. No other embellishments were needed!

What a Ride Layout 3 & 4
This time I used Ruby ink on the stencil for a tone-on-tone look. The Cutapart sentiments are perfect for these photos from the Thomas the Train exhibit. I added the "So much fun" Color Me Happy Lite Wood Frame to the dark brown square on the right page.

What a Ride Layout 5 & 6
I just love Club Scrap's eight page collections...they make it easy to whip up gorgeous pages in about an hour. I've been having a great time pairing photos with each collection and filling up my albums in the process.

Happy scrapping!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sweet on Sweet Tooth

Club Scrap's Sweet Tooth collection is one of the special releases from the 2017 Retreat. Tricia is blogging about all three new collections on the Club Scrap blog today.

The Sweet Tooth pages were perfect for photos of my friend's grandson enjoying a variety of tasty treats. (Now, I hate to give the impression he only eats sweets...he eats lots of healthy food, too.)

Sweet Tooth Layout 1 & 2
All I added were photos and journaling to each page, except the one below. Those chocolate brown mini mats were just crying out for a die cut cupcake--especially since I purchased the die knowing this collection was coming. The cupcake is even topped with "sprinkles", which are actually the smallest of the enamel dot stickers included in the kit.

Sweet Tooth Layout 3 & 4
The design team really outdid themselves on the goodies for this collection. The super-cute candy charms, resin wrapped candies, and enamel dot stickers couldn't be a better match. Fun ribbons and baker's twine are also included in the kit.

Sweet Tooth Layout 5 & 6

Don't you just love those facial expressions? I wish you could see those dimples in person!

Sweet Tooth Layout 7 & 8
Now I'm craving something sweet to eat, darn it. Oh well, happy scrapping!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Photo Drop Box

I had the pleasure of teaching a very cool project at the 2017 Club Scrap Retreat in October. The Photo Drop Box was designed by my friend, Julie. (Read more about her inspiration here.) It was an awesome project to put together, and it was perfect for showcasing my dad's daily "walkabout" photos.

Here's a quick video to show you how the finished project looks:

Each of the three hand-stitched booklets holds 24 standard 4x6 photos. I chose to add photos that represent the seasons in our local park: winter, fall and spring.

The three booklets are housed in this clever storage box--built from book board and wrapped in gorgeous text-weight paper. The outside of the box can be decorated to suit your tastes.

The front of my box features an amazing eagle photo Dad captured, along with the wooden word "dream" (Crewel & Unusual February 2016).

Everything you need to complete this project is included in the Photo Drop Box kit. I added "feet" to mine--craft store wooden knobs (painted black) adhered to the box base using Bookbinding Glue.

You can easily customize your box with three sheets of 12x12 text weight paper from your stash. My friend Ron covered his with this amazing hammered copper paper, also offered at Retreat.

Photo and project by Ron Perry.
This project makes an incredible gift (just ask Dad!) It would also be a great way to store and display photos from a special event or trip. I already have plans for two more boxes in the works!

Happy crafting!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun with Orchard and watercolor techniques.

The artwork and images of the Club Scrap Orchard collection are a perfect pear-ing (LOL) for faux watercolor techniques. Here are a few of the cards I created with this collection.

For details about these cards and more, visit the Club Scrap blog.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lagoon Layouts

Club Scrap's August Lagoon collection is so much fun! The pages are so versatile, I had no trouble finding the perfect photos to accompany the pages.

I shared most of the Deluxe layouts on my post for the Club Scrap Blog Hop--they were great for a recent family trip to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago--but I was able to use all but two of the remaining Deluxe layouts and four Lagoon Lite layouts for another occasion.

Lagoon Deluxe Layout 7 & 8
Earlier this summer, a friend and I took two of my kids to Door County for the day. One stop was Cave Point County Park. The rocky landscape and waters of Lake Michigan are a great match for Lagoon.

On the two pages below, I rearranged some of the elements slightly (and added an extra mat) to better fit my photos.

Lagoon Lite Layout 7 & 8
 For other pages, I didn't need to change a thing.

Lagoon Deluxe Layout 13 & 14
 The "just us horsing around" cutapart was perfect for photos of Max climbing and exploring the cliffs. I rearranged the elements on the right layout below to accommodate two vertical photos.

Lagoon Lite Layout 5 & 6
If you'd like to see more completed Lagoon pages, visit my post over at the Club Scrap blog. Happy scrappin'!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Expo Make & Take Formula

I've been traveling the expo circuit for the last few months with Club Scrap. In an effort to show folks what we're all about, we've been offering a free make & take in the booth. Needless to say, after teaching it 100+ times per expo, I have the cutting formula memorized.

The beauty of this particular formula is how versatile it is. I decided to try it with papers from my stash--from memory of course!

Color Me Happy DeluxeWhite Flowers Print, Teal Plain, White Plain, Paradise Wood Word

Garden Shed Lite White Print, Teal Plain, Literature Brown Plain, English Garden Twill Ribbon

Literature Deluxe Light Kraft Print, Brown Plain, Adirondacks Poppy Plain, Hopes Ribbon

Interested in giving this scrapbooking formula a try? Be sure to stop by our booth for a free make & take, and bring a friend. Coming soon to a city near you.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, June 30, 2017

What's blooming?

When the weather is nice, I love being outside in my yard and garden. We've worked very hard over the last 12 years turning our yard into a private oasis. Here's what's blooming in the garden:

I try to document the blooms every couple of's crazy how fast the garden scene changes. 

I hope you have a bloomin' good day!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More Crewel & Unusual Layouts

I shared my Crewel & Unusual Lite layouts a couple of weeks ago. Inspired to keep going, I've completed several layouts from my Deluxe kit as well.

Turns out this color scheme is great with Christmas photos...

Crewel & Unusual Deluxe Layout 1-2
...and a child's birthday party...

Crewel & Unusual Deluxe Layout 5-6
 ...and pics of my daughter and her close friends.

Crewel & Unusual Deluxe Layout 9-10
I just love the versatility of this collection.

Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crewel & Unusual Lite Layouts

Club Scrap's February 2016 kit was called Crewel & Unusual. As I was browsing my finished ALSB pages the other day, I realized some of my recently-printed photos would look great on the Lite layouts.

The kit colors complimented these photos from LCHS Junior Prom 2017.

Crewel & Unusual Lite Layout 1 & 2

Crewel & Unusual Lite Layout 3 & 4

I did this photo shoot with my youngest a while ago, but the photos were still waiting to be scrapped.

Crewel & Unusual Lite Layout 5 & 6

Some of Dad's photos of wild flowers from our local park brighten up these pages.

Crewel & Unusual Lite Layout 7 & 8
Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hogwarts Express on Orient Express

Back in September 2011, Club Scrap created a kit called Orient Express. It turns out the colors and theme were ideal for some of the photos from our Florida trip last summer.

While at Universal Studios Orlando, we spent a lot of time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks. There are two separate parks at Universal, and each has a "land" dedicated to Harry Potter. The Hogwarts Express ride transports you from one park to the other.

Orient Express JR (Lite) variation of Layout 3-4

Orient Express JR (Lite) Layout 1-2

Orient Express JR (Lite) Layout 5-6
There were so many fun props to enjoy while in line for the ride, I could't resist taking tons of pictures. The ride itself was very realistic and interactive--I guess you could say it was "magical".

Well, I'm off to do more scrappin'. Thanks for tagging along!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

More pages from our Florida album.

I'm pleased to report I've finished a few more pages from our trip to Universal Studios Orlando last summer. We spent a good chunk of our three-day pass time exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks because we are crazy big fans.

London Calling Deluxe Layout 1-2
My favorite ride was Escape from Gringotts. Not only was the ride itself amazing, but there was so much to see and enjoy while waiting in line. You don't even realize an hour or more has passed when there's so much to look at! The goblins in the bank lobby were animatronic and scarily life-like.

London Calling Deluxe Layout 7-8
Just outside the entrance to the Diagon Alley part of the park, there's a replica of the Knight Bus parked outside 12 Grimmauld Place. The line for photos with Stan was super long, so I just snapped a few from a distance. The pics are perfect on these London Calling Deluxe pages from Club Scrap. I even tinted the double-decker bus image purple to match! (Can you see Kreacher peeking out the window?)

Bookshelves Deluxe Layout 3-4
We enjoyed several meals at the Leaky Cauldron restaurant during our stay. Club Scrap's Bookshelves papers coordinate well with these pics.

I'm so excited to be making progress on this album. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Happy scrapping!