Friday, March 3, 2017

Shades of Winter Scrapbook Layouts

Shades of Winter is the perfect collection for wintry photos. I used the Lite kit* to scrap our family trip to Ski Brule in Iron River, Michigan. (Back in 2013--but who's counting?)

My husband and I used to ski a lot before having children, so we thought it would be fun to teach our three kids. The goal was for them to love it as much as we do, giving us something to do as a family each winter.

Well, Hunter and Emma hated it. I mean, they wanted nothing to do with the whole activity. Max, however, was a natural. He loved it.

Shades of Winter Lite Layout 1 & 2
Because I had more vertical photos of Max than horizontal, I rotated the page on the right 90 degrees to change the mat direction. Problem solved! (You may remember this page from an earlier post because I used those awesome Lowercase Alpha Stencils to make the title.)

Shades of Winter Lite Layout 7 & 8
The beautiful Holly Berry Stencil adds a bit of color to the gorgeous Champagne paper. The metallic finish offers just the right amount of shimmer to compliment winter photos. 

Shades of Winter Lite Layout 3 & 4
I love these pics of Emma and Max. They are only 18 months apart in age, one year apart in school. It makes my heart happy they are so close. (Here's hoping that lasts!)

Shades of Winter Lite Layout 5 & 6
These photos were taken by my dad. He takes a "walkabout" in our local park almost every day of the year, no matter what the weather. He has a real knack for spotting the local flora and fauna. I'm sure he knows those park trails better than anyone else in town. He's able to get some amazing photographs--probably because the wildlife is so used to having him around. All of Dad's pics were horizontal, so I rotated the left page and rearranged a few of the other embellishments to fit my needs.

Eight more pages scrapped...I'm off to go pat myself on the back. 

Happy crafting!

*Pages created using Club Scrap's Shades of Winter Lite kit and their free page assembly instructions.

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  1. And a well deserved pat on the back too! Great post Karen, love the photos!